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A pioneer in the emerging sector of Surgery Benefit Management (SBM), BridgeHealth assists health insurance plan sponsors (self-insured employers and health insurance companies) to significantly lower surgical costs through member education, empowerment  with decision support and nudge to quality, and engagement that leads to lower costs and higher quality. It is led by a team of CEOs and senior-level executives from hospital systems, insurance companies and healthcare companies.



Medsurant Monitoring is a highly profitable company and specializes in Interoperative Monitoring (IOM). It is primarily used for spinal surgery to improve quality of outcomes and reduce malpractice risk to the neuro surgeon.


Adapta is an innovative manufacturer of new technology in the catheter space.  Their leading edge product is receiving wide acclaim where patients with limited physical capabilities can self-catheterize without risk of infection. 


Prior Experience:

The Volante team has deep experience in the US and international healthcare sector including hospitals, health insurance and related products, and medical equipment. We are happy to share further information with future business partners.

Not all portfolio companies are listed here.