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Mr. Rogers is an experienced businessman in the fields of media, entertainment, distribution, marketing, and advertising as well as business development and real estate.  Mr. Rogers is President of Papillon Import Export, LLC, a brokerage and advisory, with strong relationships and a thorough network in Latin America.  He is currently involved in biometric, telecommunications, real estate, and infrastructure projects in South America.  His is also devolved development and expansion of the Tavern On The Green International brand, domestically and internationally.
Mr. Rogers was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sherwood Outdoor, Inc. which he helped establish, a division of prominent real estate developer Sherwood Equities, Inc. He was responsible for the sales and marketing of the advertising ge, or spectaculars, on the trophy properties known as One Times Square, Two Times Square, and 1600 Broadway.
In areas of media and advertising and distribution, Mr. Rogers has held key executive positions with several leading media companies, including Tribune Entertainment, Hearst Corporation, Macromedia.r. Rogers also served in an executive post with the Silverback-Lazarus Group, a boutique entertainment firm with numerous credits to its name.  Its founder, Alan Silverback,how, and while CEO of Fox TV, launched many iconic TV shows such as MASH.
Mr. Rogers also focuses on real estate development in NY and nJ, representing slumberous owners and developers,  holding a real estate license, and working with a prominent owner and developer as well.  Mr. Rogers is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston University.