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Bob brings 14 years of Internal Medicine practice experience and 24 years of medical executive experience to Volante Capital. Dr. Jacqmin previously worked for Hewitt Assoc. (now Aon Hewitt) for 6 years as a consultant with special interests in employer based clinics, healthcare strategy, benefit design, and cost control. The majority of this work was with Fortune 100 companies. Prior to joining Hewitt in 2006, Bob worked as a consultant in Beijing, China, for Denver based Capitis Health where he was responsible for overseeing the opening of a clinic/small hospital using Western medicine principles while also incorporating traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Jacqmin worked for United Healthcare (UHC) from 1998-2004 ascending though a variety of regional and national medical director roles.  His position just prior to leaving was that of National Medical Director for Quality, responsible for external accreditation of the UHC health plans, development and implementation of quality metrics for physicians, plus design of the overall quality strategy. During the early part of this tenure he was COO of the Dallas and Austin, TX plans.

From 1995-1998, Dr. Jacqmin was Vice President and National Quality Director for Physician Reliance Network (PRN), an oncology focused practice management company operating nationally. He was Chief Medical Officer at Prudential Health Plans in Dallas, TX from 1986-1995.  While there, responsibilities included design and implementation of the clinical quality management program and utilization management programs in a start-up HMO.  The Dallas plan went on to have double digit growth in membership and profitability for the last 7 years Dr. Jacqmin was there.  The health plan was also the first in Texas to receive full three year accreditation from NCQA under his leadership. In addition, for 10 years Dr. Jacqmin also lead health plan accreditation surveys for NCQA..

After finishing training in Internal Medicine in 1974, Dr. Jacqmin practiced Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX, from 1974-1988, serving on the teaching staff throughout this time.     He received his B.S. and M.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.