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Volante seeks to partner with management teams with the ideas, drive, and skill to achieve and sustain leadership positions in sustainable, growing markets.

With an experienced and diverse team, Volante brings significantly more than just capital to the creation of compelling businesses. In addition to being seasoned health care operators, the Volante team possesses a broad range of skills and experience including in the areas of corporate governance, business development, engineering, finance, law, marketing, operations, reimbursement, and research and development.

The Volante team is committed and involved partners who are keenly aware of the challenges faced in operating businesses and the hard work required in order to execute upon specific goals and objectives.

Historically, Volante has invested in companies in all phases of growth from start-ups to mature companies looking to expand their market opportunity. Our overall goal is to generate healthy outcomes in health care, and in doing so create healthy returns for our shareholders.

Because we are focused on building businesses for the long term, we always finance transactions in a prudent manner, ensuring that an suitable capital structure meets the company's growth and expansion plans and allows for a comfortable operating cushion to accommodate fluctuations in performance. In practice, we are comfortable with debt, but tend to employ less than other investors might choose.